Who We Are

about us


We are Nicole and Andrew Sheppard, we’re married and we run this bad boy together. Writing about ourselves in the third person is super weird and uncomfortable so we are just going to write for each other:

(Andrew): “Nicole’s incredible talent and creativity is why Wander Atelier exists. Everything about the store that you like, Nicole thought of that! She has been immersed in the wedding industry since she took the leap from the corporate world to launch her design + planning business, All Who Wander Events. She has been in the trenches helping over 100 couples plan incredible weddings, and overcoming all of the craziness and stress that comes along the way (she has some fun stories). The reason every couple or vendor that works with her raves about Nicole, and the reason she has been so successful is because of how much she genuinely cares about her clients. It’s the same reason we started Wander Atelier, she was tired of seeing her brides disappointed with their dress appointments. She just wants you to have the best experience you can, regardless if you find your dress. At the very least, you know you can always ask her the best way to handle your crazy uncle at your wedding!”

(Nicole): "From the second I shared my hair-brained scheme of becoming a wedding planner Andrew stood by me and never changed his stance on me ‘going for it’. He has schlepped chairs (still holds the stacking record), setup tables, laid down floorplans, etc. etc..Since 2012. Jeez. We always knew that Andrew would have his own business. To understand this more, we have to go back a little. A young Andrew Sheppard once convinced his father that he should let him buy a bunch of lighters so that he could sell them on eBay. Years later Andrew joined the Marine Corps, deployed to Iraq, and came back only to finish his business degree with honors. Suffice to say, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before he was an entrepreneur. Fast forward to now and Andrew has established himself as the backbone of this business. He jumped in face first with me and has been there every step of the way to make Wander Atelier what it is. He has pushed us to new limits and has had a profound impact on the way our clients are treated and the way the store looks and feels. I truly couldn’t have done this without him, and you truly wouldn’t have the experience you’re going to have (you’re coming, right?) without him.”


what we stand for

Wander Atelier was born from the idea that shopping for wedding attire should be taken out of the dark ages. We’ve created a unique environment that let’s you hang out with your closest family and friends for an hour and a half trying on full looks and discussing options without pressure or creepy sales tactics.

No matter who you are or who you love, you’re welcome here. We’ve curated a unique assortment of dresses, suiting, capes, and accessories in sizes 00-32, and many that can be customized to any measurements at all. Every body is special after all. We work with you to create a look for your wedding that is uniquely you; no matter what you choose for your day.